The God of non Christians=DEMONS

The God of non Christians=DEMONS
According to written sources, on Holy Saturday that year, a group of Turkish soldiers, after mediation Armenians, prohibited the transit of the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection. The crowd of the faithful remained in the courtyard of the church throughout the day, but even after sundown. Patriarch Sophronius D, which diinye the first year of his tenure, took over for the first time to carry out the most important ceremony of the year, however, the Turks denied him the legal right. The patriarch stood praying in the left part of the gate of the temple, near a column. And suddenly, having already fallen the night, the column ruptured and Holy Fire sprang from the inside. The patriarch immediately lit the candle and conveying the Holy Fire to the believers. Within minutes, the sacred flame spread to all attendees and the churchyard was illuminated. The astonished Turkish guards then opened the gates of the church and the patriarch, with the number of Orthodox, went solemnly to the Holy Sepulchre.

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Karma and Reincarnation are basic laws of life?PLEASE WAKE UP

However, the Bible was not speaking about karma but about the judgement of God(The full Biblical verse is: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever aman soweth, that shall he also reap.” – Galations 6:7.)The concept of karma is nothing more than a cunning attempt to entangle Soul in thelaws of physics and thus make followers believe they are dependent on the guru for their release. New Agers like to cite karma as the law of personal responsibility, when in reality it isthe opposite, a mechanism which allows someone to behave as he pleases, in the fullknowledge that at some future date everything will balance out and no fundamentalharm has been done.Since New Agers believe the law of karma could not operate to full effect over thecourse of a single lifetime, they propose a long series of lives over which Soul‘matures’ and works off its bad karma. The end result, supposedly, of this longevolutionary process is God-Realization, the great illumination in which Soul finally becomes a god. Reincarnation is therefore marketed as a flawless mechanism of self- perfection, whereby the immaturities and defects in an individual are graduallyrefined and eliminated. This beguiling philosophy is designed to ensure that no onemakes a serious effort toward their personal salvation since, as New Agers argue,everyone is saved from the outset, so who needs a Saviour? Again, Lucifer isachieving a major objective when he gets someone to accept this sinister philosophy.The New Age movement has tried various ways to market reincarnation amongChristians. Chief among these is hypnotic regression, where the subject is placed in atrance-like state and induced to remember episodes from his ‘past lives.’ This is anextremely clever trick since hypnosis, by its nature, exposes the subject to demonicinfluences. The implantation of ‘memories’ is thus easy to achieve. New Agers also like to cite cases of children who recall their past lives. This is highlydisingenuous since children are very suggestible and liable to accept all kinds of myths and stories as part of their personal reality. If they are members of a familywith a leaning toward the occult, the child may also be exposed to unclean spirits andimplanted with ‘memories’ based on verifiable fact.It is worth noting that the great architect behind most New Age philosophies, MadameBlavatsky, did not herself assert the principle of reincarnation in her first major work,
 Isis Unveiled
. If the fact of reincarnation is such a central tenet of New Age thinking,then why was it not mentioned even once in that monumental tome (over 1470 pages)? The reason is simple – it had not yet been identified (in 1877) as an importantingredient in the toxic brew which Lucifer was preparing for the unwary.If you have any doubt about Blavatsky’s allegiance to the rule of Lucifer, you mightlike to note that the name she gave to her theosophical magazine was
and thatthe publishing house established by her disciples to propagate her works was initiallycalled Lucifer Publishing Company (later changed to Lucis Trust). Her books,
The Secret Doctrine
are riddled with Luciferian philosophy.
Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.

People foolishly think they can draw nourishment from certain New Age beliefs, incombination with their Christian faith, but this is not possible. As the Bible says,“Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” (James 3:11). If a movement is Luciferian in any particular, it is Luciferian all the way through.

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