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12 theories about the origins of Masonry:

  • a) by the Patriarchs of Israel
  • b) the mysteries infidels
  • c) the construction of the temple of Solomon and the Jewish architect Hiram Avi
  • d) from the Crusades
  • e) of the Knights Templar (Knights Templars)
  • f) the Roman guilds ( colleges ) of the master
  • g) from the guilds of builders of the Middle Ages
  • h) by Rodostafrites (Rosicrucians) of XVI century
  • i) by Oliver Kromvel
  • j) by Prince Charles Stuart for political purposes
  • k) by Sir Christopher Wren in the construction of the Church of St. Paul
  • l) by Dr. Ntesagkylier and friends in 1717
Some Masons writers give the same lineage of Masonry in the occult Jewish Kabbalah , diakyryssontes that descends from Adam and "primate" Patriarch of the human race, and thence through wise men among the Egyptians, Chaldeans, Persians, and Greeks. In Europe it seems that both the professional and theoretical Freemasonry came from the guilds of builders and imported to England from the Roman Colleges (syntechneies). But the garment of ancient tradition, the phraseologyused and slogans are neither Egyptian, Chaldeos, Greek or Persian, but Jewish . A main inlet channel to England was the Jewish Kabbalah. The Masonry has its roots in the Jewish priesthood . All the rituals of Freemasonry books speak clearly on temples, rituals, hierarchy and use terms and operations purely Jewish . Only texts (ritual) of Greek Freemasonry say 286 Hebrew words.
First in the archaic Masonry include only the priests , the servants of the Temples and Masons , who had to be because people trust and secretly constructing sections of Churches (secret corridors, chambers of treasures, secret escape door, etc.). But because was impossible and unprofitable after the construction of each Church to run its developers as was done when Aigyptiakin Vavyloniakin and habit, the rabbis efrontisan to organize them under one hierarchy . Later rabbis used a the order to achieve worldly powers and control the masses . After the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD the Jewish priesthood which secretly guided the struggle against the Romans and all non-Jews began to muzzle members of the organization and people having no relationship with construction and Masons. Latest and Gentile. Those who carried the Masonry in Europe are the Franks and Crusaders . From Europe metedothi rapidly to other parts of the world. This is why Masonry is an alloy Jewry andchivalry , while for ordinary Masons shared the highest degree finishes in 33on , in reality there are many other points, chief of which is the 100th of the Emperor . But never a Christian, any dogma, never arrived at the rank of Emperor.
This movement in its current form has its origin in the guilds of cathedral builders in the Middle Ages, living in groups in "building huts" ( arcades ). Using symbols andslogans in order to preserve the secrets of their profession from unwanted competition.
In the year 1717, four lodges joined in London and in doing so created the " Grand Lodge ". So 'huts builder "of cathedrals changed in social clubs .
During the Middle Ages the guilds are officially protected by the kings. It was therefore free space where they could undisturbed to preserve and cultivate ideas and trends evriskonto under persecution. It is argued that the trade unions have managed to creep occult organizations, such as the Templars and the Rosicrucians. So the unions became the practices builder builders arcades copyright, in order to change the "rough stones into polished" with spiritual meaning.
The preparation for this spiritual edifice was completed in year 1723 by issuing the Basic Constitution of Freemasonry, the 'Ancient duty. " Author is a Presbyterian preacher in London James Anderson.

2. Characteristically
The main purpose of Freemasonry was the change "in a crude stone treated." This is delivered in the " Basic Principles "of German Freemasonry, drafted in Frankfurt during the postwar period:
The Freemasonry unites men in fraternal forms by venerable ritual acts , seeks spiritual deepening and refining ... The freedom of faith, conscience and thought about the Masons is the highest good. So hire men without bias reputation as brothers, without observing religious confession, race, ethnicity, political affiliation and social class of the individual. The Mason recognizes the building of worlds, in all living beings and the moral conscience of the people a divine creative spirit full of wisdom, strength and beauty, and honor the symbol of the Almighty Architect of all worlds »(FW Haack, Freimaurer, 1988, p 6-7). The "hut builders" was the residence area of the builders of the Middle Ages. Now replaced by the spiritual center of the gallery , the "spiritual home" of Freemasonry who now have the task of building and maintenance of a cathedral, but the development of the " intellectual edifice ".
The bodies of construction workers retained but changed meaning and purpose: hammer, diabetes, scale, thread level, took spiritual meaning . O scale is the symbol of integrity and class, no longer linked to the light in mathematics. Diabetes represents the link between people, the plumb line symbolizes sounding human self-knowledge.
The two pillars at the entrance symbolize all things that should be lived by man. The three candlesticks symbolize power, strength and beauty. The coffin used in Masonic initiations symbolizes the mortality of man and ' Worked stone "the main task of Masonry, changes in human 'treated stone."
In the area there are many Masonic trends and directions, many systems. Those systems that recognize the "Grand Lodge" of London as "mother gallery" properly characterized and maintain close communication with each other. Systems that do not recognize the Constitution of the "Grand Lodge" reject belief in God or the Bible, that accept women classified as non-canonical. The normal systems accept faith in God and in eternal life, 3 initiatic degrees, privacy, use of symbols, etc.
The three initiatory degrees of Masonry standard are: student , partner , teacher . But soon other points were raised in order to promote greater "lift" the elect. So there are systems with 7, 9 and 33 degrees ( Scottish rite ). To irregular systems are up to 90 degrees initiatory ( Memphis-Misraim rite ).
The ritual
The ritual of Freemasonry is a kind experience of spiritual deepening and refining. The initiatic rituals senior grades framed with decorations in irregular masonic systems can reach the magic . A ritual for the degree of Master says:
Before working congregate holders of third grade (grade teacher) and specify their names in the attendance register. Then assemble the servants just before the temple and illuminate the Temple for the commencement of work. Kindle candles . The brothers then asked to put on the tectonic their clothes , put on an apron and led the church to become opening of the gallery. Asked whether all these are sister gallery to the rank of Master. So the gallery secured against entry unauthorized persons, Kindle three candles with the words: " wisdom leads edifice us! strengthens the power, the beauty completes! ". Then begins the work of the third degree.
Now open the " Book of the Law "(Koran, Bible, etc.) placed on top of the yardstick and diabetes and Master office recites an introductory word with meaning. Then follows the introduction and consideration of the partners will be raised to the rank of Master. The partners are driven in, tested, familiar with code words and gesturesand driven out again. Then the church decorated for the main initiation ceremony. Some servants wear special costumes. The partners are driven in and required by those code words and gestures that have been taught. Before the Teacher office address one issue at companies, removed his apron partner. After the address below "Teacher's Travels' - tour of the area of the church, is to insinuate the symbolic journey . After giving the promise of the teacher ("I swear on my Masonic reason: To connect to the fraternity abiding society, to silence like death, to put my life in temporary measure of the Century"), pronounced the " Hiram myth "that will symbolically fulfilled the partner.
This old legend of the Guild of conductors medieval cathedrals, refers to the death and rebirth of the righteous. The partner is living this situation symbolically. Through the word of the Master is reborn in a new life. During this process, the ambient light is strong and partner elevated to the rank of Master. Wears the uniform of the teacher and taught the symbols of the degree of Master (third degree). Then close the work of initiation. Below is the formal output, while the brothers servants perform one remaining work, which arranged the space of the church and locked again the instruments necessary for the ritual (FW Haack, Freimaurer, pp. 17-18).

3. The fantasy of the Masons and the Church's position
Masonry saw early persecutions and criticism of ideology and scheduled it. But failed to include in it, especially during the nineteenth century, princes, kings, emperors, teachers, clergy. Let us examine in more detail the attitude of the Church against this movement:
1. The Western Church. Masonry was considered by the Roman Catholic Church as incompatible with the Christian faith. The Pope Clement XII in the year 1738excommunicated the organization. In 1754 the excommunication was renewed . Persecutions followed by part of the state. Masonry in France linked to the denial of God. On behalf of Masonry was attempted elimination of the Church from public life. Pope Leo IC with the House of Humanum Genus (1884), featured as Freemasonryantiekklisia , founded by the envy of the devil, with a focus on hatred against the Church. When the papal bull Masons want to lowering the standard marriage contract, to separate the Church from the State and to repel the Christian teaching of public life. The Codex Juris Canonici, the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church (1917), provides for the Masons to excommunication .
After the Second Vatican Council, in 1974 , the Faith Kogregatio determine how the laws apply to the Masons in case someone has actually antiekklisiastiki energy. But the German Episcopal Conference in 1986 determined that the simultaneous participation of the Catholic Church and Freemasonry excluded . The new Codex Juris Canonici (1983) not named in Freemasonry, but overall participation in companies that act against the Church.
2. THE CHURCH OF GREECE . issue of Freemasonry in the Church of Greece took an official position and even twice. First the Synod of Bishops dealt with this issue at its meeting of 7 'October 1933 and exedoke special "Action" (Church 48/1933, p 37-39). This text talks about " Sacred international organization "and" mystical system opera ypomimniskei Tash old national mystery religion or cult, of which originates and whose synecheian and anaviosin is. " The text refers to testimony Masonic texts and secures its position "of this, their encounters myisesin and Committed."
For the third degree initiation indicated that a "dramatic afigisin the death of the patrons of Freemasonry Hiram and what kind of imitative repetition of death. Masonry proven so happens sacramental religion, most diverse, divided and foreign of the Christian religion. " The Masonry says then the text has religious ceremonies , such as the Masonic baptism, the tectonic marriage, Masonic memorial, the inauguration of Masonic temple etc. Has initiations, rituals typically own hierarchical order , solstice celebrations, religious feasts and can be classified in the field of religious nature worship.
The Holy Synod accusing Freemasonry for syncretism , which confirms their origin from the ancient pagan mysteries, initiations in which edechonto of every worshiper of any god. to ask or Freemasonry to include within the whole of humanity, with the promise that it would provide "ithikopoiisin and completion and knowledge of the truth, imperceptibly lifted itself into what kind yperthriskeias , consider passing Tash religion, nor of such a Christian except as subordinate it. Ypotrefei so not to the mystics that the conviction that only a de masonikois ergastiriois is treatment and Abradable him uncouth and rough stone ".
The claims of Freemasonry on yperthriskeias proved by the fact that it creates a brotherhood , which considers that exalted above every other lying outside, even if it is Christian, as a fraternity consisting of profane. By Masonic initiation is a Christian brother of the Privy Ottoman or Buddhist or any rationalist, while the Christian who has not been initiated in Freemasonry deemed him profane .
The "Praxis" Hierarchy refers to condemnatory stance of the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches and mentions the reference of "Inter-Orthodox Commission" held at the Mountain and featured Freemasonry as " unchristian system and incorrect . " At the position taken by the then Archbishop Chrysostomos of Greece, which emphasizes the "actual practice" clerics involved of Freemasonry is worthy launching .
The decision of Bishops of the Church of Greece was renewed with a new one, taken on the 28th November 1972 and marked "original text of this." Hence the Hierarchy "adheres strictly to the provisions in the act relating to Freemasonry. Afthis and proclaims that Freemasonry is proven sacramental religion, projection of the old pagan religions, most foreign and contrary to the revealed salvific truth of our Holy Church. Demonstrators categorically that the property of Mason in whatever form isincompatible with the office of a Christian member of the Body of Christ. "
This new decision mentions and praises the No. 260/1.12.1969 JUDGMENT OF Instance of Athens , in which the condemned Freemasonry ' as religion in secret, not known "and the statement of the Holy Synod, published in" Voice of the Lord "(13/05/1970), where denounces Freemasonry as a religion.
Concluding the matter, we observe that the alleged Masonic, at least "rule system" Freemasonry is not a religious movement, and has no international hierarchies. But even if they respond to this reality, the Masonic edifice is incompatible with the Christian faith.
Firstly emphasized that the ritual is a kind of intellectual depth and experience staff "refining" conversion "stone" from the state of "raw" to "finished", the "personal perfection." But this way of Masonry is opposed to the Christian.
The Masonic experience is not leading man beyond the experience of himself or society of "brothers." not exceed the created reality and leaves the man alone . For the Christian there is no perfection out of his participation in the life of God "in Christ Jesus." The holiness belongs to Christ ('s saint ") and, by extension, those whoparticipate the life of Christ. Is holiness "in metochin" and not independent of the Christian faith and the spirit of Christ.
With holy baptism the believer engaged in the Body of Christ and is "in the Christ" with all other members of the same Body, becomes "State by." can not accept the Masonic initiation and how this perception leads him beyond the field of "profane" and makes him a spiritual brother to the faithful of Islam or any religion.
We Christians believe that we are children of God only when we receive the Spirit of adoption, whereby we integrated into the body of Christ through holy baptism (Gal. c 26). Only then will we become "flat epangelian heirs." The Holy Spirit, who is called "Spirit of Christ", "symmartyrei in spirit that esmen us children of God. If no children, then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ "(Rom. 17). To evaluate one's Masonic initiation over the Christian baptism, is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.Masonry does not link the moral values ​​which preaches a certain faith in God. The image of God ("Great Architect of the Universe") is determined entirely subjectivelyby each Freemasonry, according to their own religious beliefs. The understanding of man and his life, as is the concept of God, beyond the limits of a particular faith. In this way the Christian faith relativized and equalized assessed through the faith of Islam, Buddhism, etc. Anyone who lives "right," and deemed "right" to God ...
This position is not identical with the teachings of the Christian Bible and the faith in the Triune God. Here the Christian Bible is no longer the only divine revelation.alternates with the Koran, the Vedas, etc. It is "one" of the many "holy books"! The Christian faith is not the only path to salvation and definite, but one of the many " paths". All religions lead "to the same cause." In this way the images are a reflection of "a god", the "Great Architect of the Worlds", which is " open "to all the Deities. This no longer applies the phrase, which refers to Jesus Christ, "in him resides all is fullness of Godhead bodily." The apostle has emphasized this to protect the faithful from the false wisdom. So I mentioned previously: "Beware lest you drag one to the philosophy and empty deception things in the tradition of men, according to the information of the world , and not according to Christ "(Col. b 8-9).
From what you say it is clear that Freemasonry is incompatible with the Christian faith and the status of the Orthodox Christian . Especially note the risk of erosion of pastoral work and canceled the message of the Gospel and hope in Christ.
Like other occult groups , the Masons leave the man completely alone in his quest to find the true meaning of life and to realize. This is possible only through divine grace through the gift of Christ. The word of the Lord " No one comes to the Father if not through me "(John, 6) is fully implemented here

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