The God of non Christians=DEMONS

The God of non Christians=DEMONS
According to written sources, on Holy Saturday that year, a group of Turkish soldiers, after mediation Armenians, prohibited the transit of the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection. The crowd of the faithful remained in the courtyard of the church throughout the day, but even after sundown. Patriarch Sophronius D, which diinye the first year of his tenure, took over for the first time to carry out the most important ceremony of the year, however, the Turks denied him the legal right. The patriarch stood praying in the left part of the gate of the temple, near a column. And suddenly, having already fallen the night, the column ruptured and Holy Fire sprang from the inside. The patriarch immediately lit the candle and conveying the Holy Fire to the believers. Within minutes, the sacred flame spread to all attendees and the churchyard was illuminated. The astonished Turkish guards then opened the gates of the church and the patriarch, with the number of Orthodox, went solemnly to the Holy Sepulchre.

Παρασκευή, 10 Ιουλίου 2015

Vassula Rynden-DECEIVED WOMAN FROM DEVIL-απατηλa πρόσωπα και ευσεβή απάτη  If we are not humble, the grace of god can not come to us- -not only is a classic case of false prophet, but has done enormous damage to the world. It's a classic case of naive woman gives certificates by the demons of the Antichrist. Selects angelic faces and gives messages metanoias.she should have tested the spirit she sees .. she accepts everything she sees and listen.This is big deception.The lord himself says test every spirit.other demonic thing she does-is the automatic hand writting . come from devilsfinally thing to say here, if she was humble she should not accept nothing about what she does.Think for a moment who is she to have this KIND OF ATTENTION FROM GOD-Satan has his messengers to guide you to destruction, with signs , wonders, "confirmations," and instructions.elleipsi discrimination here, and the devil finds easy way to deception

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